Benefits of an ATM in your store

Increased Foot Traffic

People depend on ATMs for cash. Having an ATM on site can build customer loyalty by providing a valuable repeat service – your business can become a “go-to” location your customers can rely on when they need cash.

An ATM at your location attracts customers by allowing them to combine banking and shopping in one trip.

Increased Cash Flow

Studies show that 35-40% of cash withdrawn at an ATM location is spent at that same location. More cash sales means more liquid assets, providing greater flexibility managing your business finances.

Improved Profit Margins

With more cash sales, you’ll reduce the amount of credit card fees that you pay each month. The 3% or more that you save on cash transactions that would otherwise have been completed using a credit card is revenue that goes directly toward improving your bottom line.

Revenue from ATM Fees

In addition to increased cash sales, your business could benefit from revenue collected as ATM service fees charged for cash dispersement.

Reduced Collections

Cash does not bounce, so sales from ATM withdrawals can cut down the number of charge backs, disputes, returned checks, and other collection situations that you face each month. The time you save can be put to much better use managing your business.

Increased Sales

Studies show that 35-40% of cash withdrawn at an ATM location is spent at that same location and the typical ATM customer spends 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer. Your ATM also provides an opportunity to increase your sales through on-screen advertising and coupon promotions.


Just ATMs Plus offers ATM Machine leasing options too!

Let us provide a financing source to help your business get quick approval for financing your ATM machine. The paperwork and documentation requirements for leasing an ATM machine are minimal, making the process easy and pain free.