ATM in your store

The Just ATMs Plus processing platform works with one of the most advanced networks available in the ATM industry. Our direct relationship with national and local networks allow for an increase in completed transactions.

With access to our fast network, customer transactions are completed in a matter of seconds.

Customers are able to perform cash withdrawals, balance transfers, and balance inquiries to both checking and saving accounts, with the use of debit and credit cards.

With our ATM processing program, your business will earn 100% of your ATMs revenue earnings. There are no processing fees involved in the Just ATMs Plus processing program.

Even if your business has purchased equipment from a company other then Just ATMs Plus we can negotiate processing contracts that can save your business money and increase revenue.

Our processing program provides the complete range of features and options:

  • Transaction processing
  • Monitoring of vault cash flow for low cash notifications
  • Online settlement reporting
  • Network Access
  • Error code monitoring
  • All major credit cards and virtually all ATM cards

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  • Increased Foot Traffic
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Improved Profit Margins
  • Revenue from ATM Fees
  • Reduced Collections
  • Increased Sales