ATM in your store

At Just ATMs Plus we provide new equipment at competitive rates to make sure your customers are provided a safe and modern ATM while adding value to your business.

Identify the Right ATM Product

Our staff is knowledgeable on assessing the needs of your business and recommending a machine that will ensure a profitable ATM machine at your location.

We listen to your business needs and collaborate to make sure you get the right equipment and choices of comprehensive warranty.

Our full service ATM placement includes:

ATM Leasing Options

Just ATMs Plus also offers leasing options. The relationship we share at Just ATMs Plus with financing sources can help your business obtain financing and quick approval. The paperwork and documentation requirements for leasing a machine are minimal, making the process of leasing a machine fast and pain free.

  • Increased Foot Traffic
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Improved Profit Margins
  • Revenue from ATM Fees
  • Reduced Collections
  • Increased Sales
Your Choice of Highly Configurable ATM Products
The Tranax 1700w Retail ATM represents best-in-class performance and superior value in a solid confidence-inspiring design. The Tranax 1700w integrates a host of high-end features built on a platform that is flexible, modular and robust.
The Genmega G2500 series ATM is designed for retail and off-premise locations and comes loaded with all the features you expect while providing additional hardware configuration choices so we can custom fit your machine to your exact needs.